Robin Givens Is "Real" & "Desperate" In The NEW 'Ambitions' Trailer!

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In this new era of peak TV, it's hard to create a series that everyone talks about daily! However, that is exactly what Jamey Giddens, Will Packer, and the OWN channel have done! Everyone's newest guilty pleasure, Ambitions, is set to premiere in March of this year. Since the debut month was announced on Twitter, hundreds of thousands of people have been taking to their social media accounts wondering when OWN would release a trailer. And, today, they gave us a short tease in which Robin Givens' hair is laid for the Gods and she makes herself look like a relative of soap Queen, Erica Kane!

In the 15-second trailer, Givens' character, Stephanie, explains that Atlanta has a lot of housewives that are real, desperate, and even real desperate! She does this all in a six-inch pair of heels and a gown fit for the Academy Awards! As the character of Stephanie ascends up a beautiful mansion staircase, we see her make her way to a throne. As she sits on said throne, viewers discover that Stephanie has deemed herself Atlanta's queen. And, well, we happen to agree!

After you watch the short trailer, be sure to leave your thoughts about the upcoming series below!

Article By: Casey Hutchison


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