INTERVIEW: Attorney Turned Web Soap Actor, Tremayne Norris!

Endowed with a philosophical state of mind and physically alluring state of being, attorney turned actor Tremayne Norris is the epitome of raw, phenomenal industry talent.
This December 2018 sets the holiday scene with the gift of Norris in movie, ‘Deadly Sexy’ as well as ongoing role Carlos Daniels in Anthony Anderson’s ‘Anacostia’. Captivating and charming, Norris took time out of his busy schedule for a sweet, hopelessly indulgent Q & A.

DISoaps: First of all, we like to start off our interviews in what we call the "Chill Lounge".  I recently saw this quote "Dope Days, Chill Nights, Good Company and Mellow Vibes."  Tell us using 2-3 words descriptions for each what these terms mean to you. Dope Day?  Chill Nights? Good Company?  Mellow Vibes?

Tremayne: Dope day: a goal accomplished
Chill night: staying in
Good company: like-minded individuals
Mellow vibes: no drama

DISoaps: Tell us a little about your journey and how you became involved in acting/producing/directing?  Basically, as a Washington, D.C. attorney whose practice included intellectual property, patent and patent counseling, what was the magnet that drew you to the entertainment industry?

Tremayne: For years people I knew, and random people I didn't know, would come up to me and tell me "man you have the look of an actor...are you an should try would be good at acting..." I took it as a sign from the universe telling me that I should give it a try; so I did. In 2011, I started taking acting classes in the evenings while working as an attorney. I slowly developed a passion for acting, and finally got the nerve to start auditioning for projects in 2012. I booked my first national commercial that same year, which eventually led to other commercials, films, stage plays, digital series, and tv series several years later. 

DISoaps: Not including movies you've starred in, what is your overall favorite movie and why?

Tremayne: I don't think I have a favorite movie. I like tv series more. I'd have to say Game of Thrones is my favorite all-time show. The storyline is unique, fresh, and interesting and the acting all-around is phenomenal. I've never seen a show that isn't afraid to kill off main characters with ease and not have the quality of the show diminished in any way. 

DISoaps: Same question with music.  If I had to answer this question I would say a tie between Ludovico Einaudi and Michael Jackson.  I would not give up either, 2 totally different genres of music however both with the same passion and intensity for the art.  So, overall who is your favorite musical artist and why?

Tremayne: I really connect with Jay-Z and John Mayer. I've been a Jay-Z fan since 1998. It's just something about his delivery style and content that has resonated with me from day 1. It's been interesting to see how his style and what he raps about has evolved over the years as he's matured and grown as a person. I like John Mayer for his guitar playing abilities, but more so because of his song writing skills. He is a great songwriter and has a masterful command of the English language that I envy. Like myself, he is longtime bachelor and his challenges and obstacles in finding true love is reflected in his songs, which connects with me. 

DISoaps: Let's talk Anthony Anderson's Emmy Award winning "Anacostia".  Congratulations are in order for you winning the Indie Series Award for Best Guest Actor in a Drama.  Bravo!  You came on the scene as 'CARLOS DANIELS'.  CARLOS is a professional in the "linguistics of lying".  CARLOS is so smooth, he easily played NANCY a woman that is suppose to be up on game.  CARLOS is an extremely complex character.  In fact, the layers of CARLOS continue to surprise me (shout out to Anthony Anderson).  CARLOS keeps me on the edge of my seat wanting more.  With the complexity and ever progressing layers of the mind of CARLOS, do you ever find it challenging or does it seductively stir your creative juices?

Tremayne: I think most actors want, or should definitely strive to obtain, the ability to take on roles of characters that are complex and have several layers to them. A guy like Carlos is extremely fun to play because he is very complex. You never know what you're going to get from him and he keeps you guessing at all times. It's like an exhilarating roller coaster ride that I don't want to get off each time I'm playing him; and I just sit back and enjoy the ride wherever the character wants to take me. 

DISoaps: The complicated dynamics of the relationship between CARLOS and NANCY cuts deep for many women.  NANCY let her guard down with CARLOS and CARLOS simply could not be trusted. What do you think women should take from this scenario?

Tremayne: I think we've all been let down by our family, friends, or someone that we've been in a relationship with after giving them our trust. It just happens, intentionally or unintentionally . . . and I think it's ok to be hurt and to take some time to heal, recover, etc. In moving on from those situations I guess it's important to remember that the next person you decide to trust isn't going to necessarily do you wrong as well. You should try to be open to trusting again and not making the next person pay for the mistakes of others. If you don't, you may have a lonely future ahead of you.  
DISoaps: What is it like working with the cast of "Anacostia"?
Tremayne: UNBELIEVABLE. So many great actors in the cast I that I secretly admire and catch myself studying when I have an opportunity to watch them do their scenes on set. It feels like each actor was perfectly chosen for the roles they were cast to perform. We've won so many awards collectively as a cast and individually as actors, and the pure talent and professionalism each actor brings to set is a huge reason why. 

DISoaps: We began this interview discussing the multitude of hats you wear, would you like to tell us about other series, movies, projects and causes that you are involved with, so we can be sure to support?

Tremayne: I have a role as a reporter in season 6 of House of Cards that is currently on Netflix. I was cast as a lead in a film called Deadly Sexy that premieres on Amazon Prime on December 15th. And you'll be able to catch me in season 6 of Anacostia that will premiere on Amazon Prime before the end of December 2018. 

DISoaps: Thank you for taking time out to interview with us at Daytime Indulgence.  Casey and I appreciate it.  Last question, where can fans follow you on social media to keep up with your latest ventures?

Tremayne: You can follow me on Instagram: @tremaynenorris 



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