EXCLUSIVE: Tyler Christopher OUT at 'DAYS' For Good!

Back in September, Daytime Confidential shocked fans of Days of Our Lives by reporting that Brandon Barash (ex-Johnny, General Hospital) would be temporarily filling in for Tyler Christopher in the role of Stefan DiMera. Since debuting in December of 2017, fans of the long running NBC soap opera have had mixed reactions to the character of Stefan. But, the reaction seemed positive when they learned Brandon would be stepping in.

Earlier last week, a source reported to Daytime Indulgence that Tyler Christopher is officially gone from DAYS and will not be returning to the series. The source also gave us a reason. However, we are not a site that goes into great details about an actor's personal life.

There is no word yet on how long Brandon will stick around in the role.

Before coming to Days of Our Lives, Tyler Christopher was best known for playing the role of Nikolas Cassadine on ABC's General Hospital.

Article By: Casey Hutchison


  1. Sorry to hear he's leaving . many of us will miss him. Excellent actor.

  2. I really enjoy the part he plays but will miss him on Days of our lives...He is an Awesome actor...

  3. Sorry to hear he's leaving. I've loved Tyler Christopher as "Stefan". I wish him well...this fan will miss him.

  4. I will miss you ever too much! My heart is hurting for this news! I pray all goes well, in your life, and I'll be able to follow your career wherever you go. Days is my favorite show and I am very fond of your performance even though you are a bad guy!

  5. These men fighting over that poor acting plain Jane was irritating and unrealistic, at least with Deamost, Ditzy Deena wrote she was a doppelganger of a past love! A millionaire would not act as if he has been trapped in a men's prison for 30 years and Drabby is the last piece of steak at a roadside diner before closing.

  6. I'm not against him as an actor, but i'm so sick of the Stefan story line. It lost my interest in 3 days and I have been barely watching the show since it started because of the one storyline. First of all, the whole premise of him taking up residence in the Demera mansion because he bought the note off the bank or whatever is ludicrous, unless Chad went into foreclosure and it was sold to him, there's nothing in reality that would allow a bank to live in your home because they owned the debt from your mortgage. Certain storylines can be a bit far fetched in daytime soap world and I figure it to be a soap opera, but it seems something like this is the wrong kind of far fetched for me and soured me to the addition if the Stefan character and his accompanying story.

  7. I was SO looking forward to a Stefan and Gabi relationship... and was so sorry to see Marci leave as Abigail. Tyler had a certain charisma and vulnerability about him that kept me hoping he would find someone to fall in love with him. Brandon seemed very good as Stefan.... after airing on one show so far. Guess we’ll see😳


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