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In 45 years, CBS' The Young and the Restless has had literally over a thousand characters pass through the fictional town of Genoa City. Now-a-days, the cast is made up of around 34 characters. But, the five we have picked for our dream return list would show spice up the already red-hot Wisconsin city! After you read through our list, be sure to tell us your picks in the comment section below!

5. Roberta Leighton as Dr. Casey Reed
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For decades now, Nikki's almost forgotten sister has been MIA. We last heard the name Casey Reed spoken in a script back in 2012 when Nikki revealed that her sister actually was diagnosed with breast cancer. Since then, we haven't heard any word on Casey...not even if she survived said cancer.  So, why don't we have Casey come back to town to work on a cure for Dina's Alzheimer's. While back in town, she begins to fall in love with a broken Jack Abbott! Can you imagine? Nikki's former lover getting involved with her sister! That's sure to make the off-again-on-again alcoholic jealous!

4. TBA as Isabella Brana
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Through the years, Y&R has turned out some crazy villains. One of the craziest of them all was without-a-doubt Isabella Brana. Brana (originally played by Eva Longoria) was not always crazy. In fact, her crazy came to the surface slower than a crock pot cooks chicken. Isabella's psychotic ways spawned from her be jealous of good-girl/saint Christine Blair. Isabella wanted nothing more than to be with the always hunky Paul Williams. And, she was going to do anything she could to get Paul. She even tried to kill Christine in a bubble bath! Since the horrific incident, Isabella has been locked up in a mental hospital. But, on Y&R, everyone can always break out of an institution and wreak some havoc! Plus, Paul and Christine are in desperate need of a story!

3. TBA as Keemo Abbott
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It's the return every Y&R fan has been yearning for, for over two decades. For years fans have tweeted, facebook-ed, and signed petitions. Keemo Abbott is the most important forgotten character of all time on Y&R. No regime has worked to bring him back. Keemo was last mentioned in passing back in 2015 by his father, Jack. Seeing as Jack is going through some pretty crazy things right now, it'd be the perfect time for Keemo to come back and find out he isn't an Abbott either. Plus, the death of Elizabeth Sung's character, Luan, can be addressed in the story.

2. Kimberlin Brown as Sheila Carter
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The villains of all villains! Sheila Carter is perhaps Y&R's most famous villain of all. For over a decade, this super, unstoppable bitch wreaked havoc not only in Wisconsin, but also in California! In 2017, fans of The Bold and the Beautiful and The Young and the Restless got the shock of their life when Sheila Carter popped back up alive in LA. But, her big and flashy return was soon wasted on The Bold and the Beautiful on VERY lack-luster storytelling. All in all, the character is still alive...and the character's journey did start on Y&R. If I was Mal Young, I'd blow a lot of money Kimberlin's way and try and get her back before she wins the congressional race. Plus, Y&R could use the ratings bump!

1. Victoria Rowell as Drucilla Winters
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For over 20 years, Victoria Rowell captured the hearts of Y&R viewers everywhere. And, she became one of the most memorable Black cast members of a soap opera ever! Since Drucilla fell from a cliff in the mid 2000s, fans have been chomping at the bit for a return from this leading lady! As fans may recall, Rowell sued CBS/Sony for the racism that was playing out behind the scenes and directed at her personally. A return was close around 2012. But, it never came to fruition. But, is it time that one does? Should CBS/Sony try and bury that hatchet? Well, anything is possible! Fingers cross that one day we get the beloved pairing of Drucilla and Neil back on our TV screens!

Article By: Casey Hutchison
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