'Y&R' WEEK OF 5/22 RECAP: Secrets & Deception

It was another heart pounding week for daytime’s number one drama! If you missed any of the deception and secrets that populated Genoa City this week, then go ahead and take a look at this week's recap!

Monday May 22nd-Friday May 26th

When Nikki discovered that Victor arranged for her to play piano at a charity even, he had organized for her, she had a wave of mixed emotions. When she bumped into Jack, the two examined Nikki’s feelings over it all.

Tessa freaked when she spotted Zack, a man from her past. She then considered leaving town. However, she was talked out of it. She later sang at another open mic night. Then, Devon revealed to her that he wanted to sign her to a deal. This would make Tessa; Hamilton-Winter’s first artist.

Scott revealed to Sharon that he once fell in love with the wife of an arm’s dealer. Scott then questioned Victor about the quitting of his biography. Later on, Scott heard Victor on the phone with a mysterious person.

It was a crazy week for Dina! Dina and Victor met, and Dina managed to persuade Victor to help her salvage a relationship with Ashley. Victor would later try to persuade Ashley to forgive Dina. Meanwhile, Abby and Dina finally met. Abby was initially furious with Dina, because Dina never tried to forge a relationship with Abby in the past. However, the two came to a mutual agreement that they want to start forging a relationship now.

Earlier in the week, Hilary discovered that Juliette and Cane had slept together. Hilary called Juliette to the GC BUZZ offices. There, Juliet admitted the truth to Hilary. Hilary secretly videotaped Juliette’s confession, and sent it to Lily on a flashdrive. Lily thought it was her interview from The Hilary Hour. Cane would later destroy the flash drive, before Lily could watch it, because Cane and Lily agreed that footage should never be seen from the commercial; because it could damage Brash N’ Sassy’s reputation.

Before Cane destroyed the flash drive, a meeting was held at Brash N’ Sassy. Victoria said that the hockey league board wanted the person responsible for the whole mess fired. Billy tried to resign. However, Victoria made the decision to fire Juliet and not Billy.

In the middle of the week, Reed decided to end his relationship with Zoey. This was due to Reed discovering Zoey kisses the now teenaged Charlie Ashby. But, Reed not only caught Zoey and Charlie kissing this week, he also caught Billy and Phyllis kissing. Reed was upset that Billy didn’t choose Victoria. However, he leveled with Billy.

Chelsea continued her hunt for Chloe. This lead her to the hospital Chloe was checked into a couple years back. She ended up bribing a hospital administrator in exchange for Chloe’s last known location. This lead Chelsea all the way to Louisiana. Nick followed her and they managed to track down Chloe’s doctor, Dr. Harris. Dr. Harris claimed that he did not know where Chloe currently was. However, when Chelsea and Nick left the house, Chloe emerged.


Article By: Casey Hutchison


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