OUR OPINION: Annual Soap Opera Report Cards!

Well, it is coming to that time of year again. It is time that the four soaps get judged. It is time for the soap opera report cards. Today on Our Opinion, we are going to examine the last couple of months to give soaps the ultimate grade. The grade of course falls on the scale to A+ to an F. Let’s get started!

The Young and the Restless: B+
Things are looking up for daytime’s number one sudser! Sure, there’s a lot more work to do. But, the structure in story has gotten better. The characters that are supposed to be on the front burner, are right there. The only thing that needs a little more work is relationships. Right now, chemistry and relationships are quite scattered. And, at times, it has seemed like there is no structure towards storylines involving relationships. And, let’s work on those teenagers! Let’s usher the next generation in, in grand fashion!

The Bold and the Beautiful: D+
Alright...this is a little rocky of a soap to discuss. BOLD was actually my favorite soap from January to March. Now, things are on a downward spiral. It seems as though no one cares to right the show anymore. It is like everyone was like ‘well, we made it through the 30th, time to not care about this show anymore.’ I mean my goodness, we want DRAMA not SPECTRA CONGA LINES! Give us big, flashy, and campy drama. Trust me, no one will be angry.

General Hospital: C
Now, we gave ABC’s last remaining daytime drama approximately a 70 percent. Trust me, we almost gave it a D. However, things are starting to get better. It seems that there are a little bit of better execution in stories. It seems the dialogue flows a lot better and is a lot more catchy, at that. But, that is the good news. Now, here is the bad news. There are some things that just need to stop. One, the meaningless violence. Violence needs to come in your story. But, that chokehold between Jason and Jake...REALLY writer!? REALLY?! Two, ‘Friz’. I am one of those fans which is not okay with Liz bringing an outrageous villain near her children. Now, I get it, ‘the brain tumor did it’ blah, blah, blah. That brain tumor story was a load of crap and such a cop out. A brain tumor doesn’t wash away all the bad stuff that Franco did. COME ON! Anyway, I am proud of GH for getting just a tad better.

Days of Our Lives: D-
NBC’s final soap opera does get the lowest grade, in my opinion. Here’s the thing, it does seem as though the soap will get better pretty soon. But, that won’t be until late summer, early fall. But, for now, ratings are at an all time low, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know how. First of all, there is way too much time focused on this teen scene. And, trust me, they could not save this show...EVER! Second of all, stories are so scattered and the weeks are blurry. DAYS has become the soap that you have to watch to get it off your DVR. Anyway, I am proud for Ken Corday and Co. for making one of the best decisions to save this great soap. I can’t wait to give DAYS a B+ or even an A+ next year. I am confident that it will get better!


Article By: Casey Hutchison


  1. Young and the restless A-
    Bold and the beautiful B

  2. Thanks for speaking facts about Days. I can't take much more of these clusterf*ck stories dealing with The Johnsons, Teens and Nicole/Brady/Chloe/Deimos/Paul. It's like enough!!! I'm ready for Ron and Sheri to get this house back in order and make Days a fun and entertaining watch again after the hot mess Griffith/Higley, most of all, help destroy. Soap industry simply needs to stop hiring hack writers period. Days for the past 2 seasons is proof why you don't hire them. They are show and ratings killers. My only concern is Ron better not do any rape stories like he use to on OLTL and GH. Days has never been good to tell them (like last year's Ciara one that was all shockwave) let alone I'm sick of seeing them in daytime as most of the remainder female audience. Women want to see romance, fun, family, drama, hot men and humor - enough darkness in the afternoon, more love in the afternoon. ☺

    YR please get away from all the newbies that fans don't care about and away from all the triangles! Get more Sharon and Paul airtime and settle on some couples. AND STOP WRITING HILLARY INTO A STEREOTYPICAL BLACK WOMAN, UGH. For the most part I think the improvements have been fine for now but like you said more work needs to be done.

    GH I can't watch it. Sorry. The storylines are as unbearable to watch like Days. Frank just needs to get new writers because Shelly/Jean isn't getting any better or worse.

    B&B has too much focus on the Spectras and Spencers. Time for Bell to change it up again and stop being lazy with the writing. The ratings are showing fans aren't feeling the direction of the show.


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