OUR OPINION: Top 10 Best Soap Opera Recasts

Today, on Our Opinion, we are counting down the top 10 best recasts on soaps. The characters we’ll be dealing with will only come from the four soaps still left on the air. After the jump, we’d love to hear from you! Tell us your fave recasts, in the comment section below!

Since the genre began in the 1930s, soaps have recasted everyone from villains to fan favorites. Sometimes, those recasts aren’t well like. But, then there are those other times where the recast hits it off better with the audience.

10. Nikki Newman, The Young and the Restless
INFO: Can you believe it? The role of Nikki wasn’t always played by the legendary Melody Thomas Scott. The role was originally played by an actress by the name of Erica Hope. Erica played the role from 1978 to 1979. Since 1979, Scott has played the role. I think daytime audiences everywhere can agree that we all love Melody as Nikki!

9. Eric Brady, Days of Our Lives
INFO: Fans were a little nervous when they got the news that Greg Vaughn was replacing Jensen Ackles in the role of Eric. However, a few years later, Vaughn has built quite the fan base over at the NBC soap. Fans are loving the priest-turned-troubled-man. Plus, him and Melissa Reeves (Jennifer) have enough chemistry to fill an entire textbook.

8. Jack Abbott, The Young and the Restless
INFO: If you watched Y&R’s earlier years, you may realize that the role of Jack is actually played by Terry Lester. When Terry Lester quit the show, Y&R scrambled for a while to find his replacement. Thankfully, Peter Bergman met Melody Thomas Scott and her husband Edward Scott (executive producer, at the time). The Scott-duo instantly knew that Bergman was right for the part. Flash forward more than 20 years later, and Bergman is a fan favorite.

7. Thomas Forrester, The Bold and the Beautiful
INFO: The role of Thomas has been played by some pretty memorable actors. Everyone from Drew Tyler Bell to Adam Gregory has given the role a try. But, the most recent Thomas Forrester, Pierson Fode, seems like he’ll be with the show for the long haul. The soap hunk not only has a rocking body, but he also has some serious acting chops. He can act with the best of them. What can we say? We love us some Pierson Fode!

6. Monica Quartermaine, General Hospital
INFO: For 40 years, Leslie Charleson has become one of the biggest names over at ABC’s last soap. She has given countless Emmy worthy performances. She is absolutely unforgettable. But, before Leslie stepped into the role, back in 1977, the character was played by an actress named Patsy Rahn. Patsy held the role for one year, before Charleson took over.

5. Ashley Abbott, The Young and the Restless
INFO: The crew over at daytime’s number one drama scrambled to find a recast once again. This time, it wasn’t for the role of Jack Abbott. It was for the role of Jack’s sister, Ashley. Eileen Davidson left in the 1990’s to go to NBC’s Days of Our Lives. However, just because Davidson left, doesn’t mean Ashley could leave. Y&R found actress Brenda Epperson. Brenda was a great choice to take over the role. In time, millions of fans fell in love with Epperson’s portrayal as trust fund-princess, Ashley Abbott

4. Laura Horton, Days of Our Lives
INFO: After powerhouse actress Susan Flannery departed the role of Laura Horton, it took DAYS a couple years to find another actress to fill her shoes. In fact, DAYS wouldn’t find a replacement worthy until 1993. Jamie Lyn Bauer took over the role, and had an instant attraction with the millions of viewers that tuned in each day. Bauer would stay until 2000. She would return in 2003, 2010, and most recently in 2016.

3. Bridget Forrester, The Bold and the Beautiful
INFO: For years Bridget was portrayed by Emmy winning actress Jennifer Finnigan. But, Finnigan decided to exit the role back in 2004. BOLD then put actress Emily Harrison in the role. She held the role for a few short months. Then, legendary actress Ashley Jones was put in the role. Fans adored Jones for years. She became a well known name and a fan favorite.

2. Jill Foster Abbott, The Young and the Restless
INFO: For years upon years, the role of Jill was held by Brenda Dickson. Dickson brought her sexiness and vindictiveness all the way to the fictional Genoa City, Wisconsin. Dickson last played the role in 1987. She was then replaced by Capitol actress Jess Walton. Walton is perhaps best known for playing Jill. Walton brought a strongness that was not there before. She continues to dominate Y&R and the role of Jill.

1. Carly Benson, General Hospital
INFO: The character of Carly has been played by powerhouse actresses. These actresses include Tamara Braun, Sarah Joy Brown, Jennifer Bransford, and Laura Wright. Each actress has brought something new and exciting to the role. However, it is probably the most recent Carly, Laura Wright, that brings something special everyday. Fans have loved Laura’s performance for the past 12 years. And, it doesn’t look like Laura is going anywhere, anytime soon.


Article By: Casey Hutchison


  1. The best recast was Mary Beth Evans as Days Of Our Lives Kayla Caroline Brady.


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