WORLD BY THE TAIL: The Bill Hayes Story (REVIEW)

Say it ain’t so! A soap star finally has a documentary based on their life! Bill Hayes, who fans might know as Doug Williams from NBC’s Days of Our Lives, details his life in a new 80-minute documentary. And, it is fabulous!


The documentary covers the life of William Hayes, who was born back in 1925. The documentary not only explored Bill’s personal life, but his singing career, and his acting career. The documentary was in a way a very lengthy interview with Bill. The documentary started out by covering Bill’s family. Bill talked about how his family was heavily involved in music. The beginning parts of the documentary makes it a must-see. It explores the trials and tribulations that Bill went through as a young child.

Next, Bill opened up about his military career. Bill enlisted in the Navy Air Core. He reported to duty immediately. As Hayes was about to exit the service, bombings occurred. Then, Hayes’ captain announced that the war was over. Hayes then detailed that he ran away from the military as fast as he could after he got the news the war was over.

Bill then talks about his first marriage. The way he describes it, he brings viewers of the documentary into a magical time in his life. Then, Bill says he headed off into the entertainment industry. Bill started to get paid for his singing career.

On March 21st, 1948, Bill’s first child Carrie was born. Bill says the moment that happened, it changed his life for good. He mentions that he still loves children today. The birth of his child, however, did not stop Bill from rising to fame. He next went to television! Next, Bill had his second child! And, he loved it even more!

Bill continues to talk about his acting career and details more of his personal life. However, this is all we will spoil about Bill’s life for now! You’ll just have to watch for the rest!

All in all, the documentary was well made. This was not some ‘google-script’ movie. Hayes literally detailed his life. For any soap fan, classical theatre fan, or even a classical TV fan, this is quite the treat. We here at DISoaps HIGHLY recommend that you watch it!

Article By: Casey Hutchison


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