OUR OPINION: We're So Tired of Forced Couples!

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Does anyone remember the days where supercouples ruled the soap opera airwaves? We here at Daytime Indulgence do! However, just because we do, doesn’t mean our soaps do. For years now, we’ve been stuck in forced couples. Soap writers have gotten lazy with pairings. In fact, it seems like there won’t ever be a supercouple again. For today, we won’t be talking about B&B. We currently enjoy the pairings on that soap. But, with that being said, their stories could be written just a tad better.

Y&R is a classic soap. It is full of layered stories and characters. But, they might be the most guilty at forced pairings. First there is Billy and Phyllis. Fans thought ‘Philly’ might be the gateway into supercouples again. But, the writers don’t seem to think fans care for them. So, now, we have a 42 year old Phyllis bouncing around Genoa City trying to get into a man’s pants. That’s right! We’ve seen Phyllis cozying up to Ravi. We also saw the looks she gave Scotty during the night where she was the babysitter. It seems like they want to throw Phyllis at everyone she isn’t related to.

In truth, the writers aren’t any better with Billy. Now, we see the writers wanting to get Billy and Victoria back together. And, I am a huge Villy fan. But, maybe that era has passed. It now seems like Villy is more of a friendship duo. You know? Like Meredith and Christina were on Grey’s Anatomy. It just seems like there isn’t a true relationship between them anymore.

Finally, on the Y&R front, let’s talk about Nick and Chelsea. I actually wanted a Chick a long time ago. But, now that I have them, I don't want them. This seems to be a couple that is great on paper. But, this is a couple where the saying “if ain’t on the page, it ain’t on the stage” doesn’t apply. If we can’t shift this couple into the correct chemistry stages soon, then it is time to break them up, and never speak of Chick again!

Now, we all know the problem with DAYS. There is no more hiding that problem. The main problem is Rafe and Hope. I believe that we have terrorist watch Rope clips as a form of torture. Now, we understand that Bo is dead. We get that Hope needs to be loved. But, why does it need to be with Rafe? DAYS just needs to stop trying to make Rafe a Bo in disguised. In my opinion, I believe Hope belonged with Aiden. I their chemistry was perfect. But, no! Aiden had to be the big villain. Heaven forbid that DAYS actually makes a pairing of two people with obvious chemistry.

There is one more problem with DAYS. This problem concerns four major characters. Those characters are Dario, Gabi, Abby, and Chad. All you DAYS fans know what I’m talking about. Abby belongs with Dario. Gabi belongs with Chad. With every episode that passes by, I play Candy Crush on my iPHONE. You wanna know why? Because, once again it is torture that DAYS doesn’t place the right characters together. It really isn’t that hard to see the chemistry between Gabi and Chad. And, the chemistry between Abby and Dario. So, just do it already! Put the right people together !!

General Hospital is arguably the best soap opera for when it comes to pairing people. However, it has slipped up with one couple. Sure, there are more issues with couplings. But, this one sticks out to any fan that watches. The one pairing that needs to break up right away is Finn and Hayden. I don’t know about the other fans, but I for one am tired of Michael Easton. For the past five years, it has been the same song and dance with his characters (except John). They die and come back as someone else, just as fans care for the character.

Now, we are stuck in Michael Easton hell! How does GH think they can fix the problem of an absolute bore of a character...pair that character with one who might have potential. I love Hayden. And, I want to see her in better story. I don’t want to see her caring for a character who’s ‘zen-zen’ addiction kinda came out of left field. I wish they would kill Finn off and set Hayden free!

There’s a Free Melania hashtag going around. Why can’t there be a Free Hayden hashtag? Now, I can’t be the only fan who hates this pairing. Where are the others at? PLEASE TELL ME THERE ARE MORE!!!!!!!

Okay, I have ranted long enough. Now, it is your turn! Tell us all your thoughts about forced couplings in the comments below!

Article By: Casey Hutchison


  1. I agree that GH's Finn & Hayden are a boring couple, and the writing has been so dull for these characters that equalled zero chemistry between the couple. I don't like the writing in general in terms of Michael Easton's many characters being killed off, only for another identical looking guy to show up, either a twin or sometimes supposed to be no relation at all. And making Hayden the illegitimate daughter of Dr. Jeff Webber, and not even bringing Jeff back for this story, is lame. Why don't they look at the show's long & rich history when they decide, for instance, to cast a big soap actor from another soap like Rebecca Budig (AMC's Greenlee Smythe)?! They could have cast her in several key roles which would fit into the current cast of characters, like Serena Baldwin. Can you imagine Hayden & Franco as half siblings?! Or maybe Brooke Lynn, Ned's daughter....

  2. I had hoped that Jeff Webber would make an appearance but all we got was a phone call that Elizabeth made to him when it looked Hayden was going to die. I don't remember any mention of him again. I like that Hayden and Elizabeth are getting along better. I also like that Hayden is not as huggy huggy as Elizabeth is. Makes for a more realistic relationship.


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