'GH' RECAP: 3/29/2017 - Has Valentin Finally Told The Truth?

At the Metro Court, Jordan and Curtis gather for drinks. They reminisce over a retirement party of a friend. It makes Curtis happy that Jordan remembers the night so fondly. Later, Jordan announces that she manage to get Curtis his badge back. However, Curtis decides to turn her down. Curtis tells her that he wants to stick to PI work with Jason. Jordan warns him that, that means they cannot be seen fraternizing together. The two later kiss one another.

Tracy had quite the drama filled evening. First, at the Metro Court bar, Tracy asked Ava for help in tracking down a painting that her father bought under an alias. Ava agreed to do the job for a little fee. Tracy is at first reluctant. However, Ava mentions the hundreds of auction houses in Turkey. Tracy then sighs and agrees to pay Ava for the work. Ava does in fact end up finding the very auction house that has the painting. When Tracy tries to call the auction house, she can find no one that speaks English. But, Laura Spencer comes to her rescue. Laura says that in fact she can speak Turkish. Laura makes the call and reveals that everything Larry said was indeed the truth. Laura gives Tracy the location of the painting but advises her not to go. However, Tracy doesn’t want to hear it. Tracy wants to go and wants to bring Laura with her.

At Perks, Nathan meets with Dante. Nathan reveals that he dropped Maxie off at the airport, so she could go to Portland about a job. Nathan details how much he misses her. However, the trip is only for three months. Dante tries to give Nathan advice on how this could work for his marriage.

Nurse Amy reveals to Griffin that she is excited to finally get her chance to shine. However, Nina interrupts the two and pulls Griffin away. Nina reveals she needs a pediatrician for Charlotte. Nina then reveals that she wants Griffin to keep Anna away from Valentin. But, Griffin questions Nina about possible jealousy she has towards the situation. Nina fires back and starts poking fun at Griffin for having an affair.

Anna arrives at Wyndemere. Her and Valentin of an all out truth battle. Valentin insist that Anna and him slept together. But, Anna won't have any part of it. She only remembers kissing him. Anna then fills Valentin in on her findings. After details continue to come out about their past, Anna and Valentin make their way to the couch. This talk has gotten Valentin very emotional. In fact, it is made apparent that Anna feels something for him. Then, Nina barges in the mansion. Nina tells Anna to leave and never come back. Later, Nina agrees to help Valentin get to the truth about the past that Anna and himself shared with one another. At the hospital, Anna and Griffin have a conversation. Anna reveals all to Griffin about what just went down. Griffin questions if Valentin is lying. Anna says she won’t know any real truth until she takes a trip.

At the Floating Rib, Ned and Olivia sit down to talk about their future. During this intense conversation, Ned dodges calls from Tracy. Ned once again offers his heart to Olivia. However, Olivia doesn’t feel marriage is necessary for the two. Ned is deeply hurt by this. The two don’t know if their relationship can survive. Meanwhile, Ava meets with Lucy for their Nurses Ball money exchange. Ava has only managed to get a hand-full of cash in an envelope. However, Lucy warns her it won’t be enough to get the pills. So, Ava reveals she has a piece of VERY EXPENSIVE art that is worth millions! Then, a hostage situation begins! Ava looks over at the piece of art and Morgan’s pills. And, Ned looks over at his grandmother’s ring!

NOTE: Recaps of General Hospital will soon be done by Tricia Anne!

Article By: Casey Hutchison


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